No one prepares for the day they have to face chronic pain, an unexpected serious or chronic illness, or a traumatic loss.  When we encounter such obstacles,  it takes enormous energy to avoid falling into a sense of being trapped and losing our self confidence.

Pain management and illness management therapies allow people to reduce suffering, cope with hardships, and create meaningful, positive and fulfilling lives despite the pain.

Sometimes just learning coping skills and mind-body tools make all the difference. Others benefit from the ability to process the shock and sorrow of an unexpected turn in life.

The practice accommodates clients from adolescents through older age, sees families as part of the adjustment process if desired, and also serves those who are seeking assistance with general mental health issues. A variety of Pain Psychology and Mind-Body approaches are available.

If you’re interested in working collaboratively to improve the quality of your life in the face of chronic pain, illness, or stress, please contact me today.